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 Post subject: Sun Haiping refutes intended trip rumor weighs Liu Xiang rea
 Post Posted: Fri May 10, 2013 7:26 pm 
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Sun Haiping refutes intended trip rumor weighs Liu Xiang reappear look restore a situation
China " flying person " after Liu Xiang gets hurt from London Olympic Games, keep secret strictly to his track, change again, but our newspaper reporter pays close attention to Liu Xiang closely all the time, the airliner date that Liu Xiang of successful know goes back to the motherland, be the same as with Liu Xiang machine go back to the motherland, our newspaper also is exclusive be the same as with Liu Xiang machine the media that go back to the motherland. On August 14 morning 9 when 17 minutes, the scheduled flight of VS250 of dimension precious aviation that Liu Xiang takes passes the flight of 11 hours, descend in Shanghai Pudong airport. Zhao Wen of Shanghai deputy mayor and leader of Shanghai sports bureau are received machine present a flower to Liu Xiang, in order to show kind and condolatory.
The humour after Liu Xiang art can eat
On August 7, in man of London Olympic Games in preliminary contest of 110 meters of column, liu Xiang is in trip to get hurt in the first column, leave cloudily London Olympic Games. Subsequently, liu Xiang is ruptured for right calcaneal tendon by diagnose. Weigh through much Fang Shen consultative, on August 9, liu Xiang pauses in London benefit spirit the hospital was accepted advocate the operation of knife doctor Nicholas Kulun, when the operation is used, many centimeters 10 blade seamed 13 needles, undertake successful. Occupy doctor of library human relations to divulge, if restore well, liu Xiang may need 5~6 only the month can recover. It is reported, this operation is very successful, receive not only went up Liu Xiang ruptures with tendon, and the two calcify dot that returns a within following tendon and spur are handled along with all the others, included some mucous membrane to also be taken off. 2008, when the operation is being become toward the United States before Liu Xiang, move only besides among them two bigger calcify are nodded, still have two small calcify the dot was not taken.
Very happy serve as a lookout is interesting after Liu Xiang operation, ask him when the nurse: "Where are you? " " I go up in the earth. " Liu Xiang's humorous answer teased spot everybody. Appetite of the Liu Xiang after the operation is first-rate also, face of a bowl of big chicken broth, ate a with nothing left, after the doctor sees, very open-eyed ground expresses: "Alas! You cannot eat so much, average person eats a thing to be able to vomit after general anesthesia! Average person eats a thing to be able to vomit after general anesthesia!!
When the leader goes visitting Liu Xiang, still ask about him: "You should look for a girlfriend! " Liu Xiang of 29 years old laughed, his hold up hold up dress says jokingly: "Actually, my heart is very hot and dry! My heart is very hot and dry!!
Originally Liu Xiang meeting shift to an ealier time leaves hospital one day, return Olympic Games village afresh, after Olympic Games village stays one day, go back to the motherland together with the group again. But when bureau director Liu Peng visits Liu Xiang, national sports always expresses to make a round trip do sth over and over again is gone against restore, arrange Liu Xiang to be in a hospital sanatorium, head for the airport to board the plane directly from the hospital next.
"Flying person " crutch of lean on a stick boards the plane
Liu Xiang Yu Lundui time on August 13 midday 11 when the left and right sides heads for Xisailuo from the hospital the airport. Coach Sun Haiping is dealt with for Liu Xiang and group personally board the plane formalities, be in the airport, liu Xiang need not have sat wheelchair, can lean on a stick is worn crutch boards the plane. Sun Haiping discloses, liu Xiang operation restores to want 3 many months about, divide a level, do not eliminate the possibility of runway of athletics of Liu Xiang return even.
Aboard, the person such as Liu Xiang and Sun Haiping is in by arrangement first-class stateroom cabin, especially Liu Xiang, it is OK that he was arranged the position that lie low sleeps. Nevertheless, to avoid to disturb, airliner unit staff undertakes taking strict precautions against defend to the last to first-class stateroom cabin not only, reject any personages to enter inside, connect empty elder sister to be informed even, must not divulge to anybody Liu Xiang is advanced any circumstances of cabin.
After airport of plane berth Pudong, the ability after all passengers such as Liu Xiang and its companion leave engine room entirely gives engine room. Sitting the Liu Xiang of wheelchair still is binding thick bandage on the foot, to leave the airport more quickly, liu Xiang in corridor bridge mid lean on a stick is worn crutch walks along stair, went up to had opened the special that presents airport runway to leave directly. The Liu Xiang before leaving accepted the reporter's interviewing, he still shows hopeful always and mischievous star flavour: "Without what, I am quite good, it is much only a scar just. " in the bookshops is alleged before Sun Haiping refuted Liu Xiang is intended the rumor of trip, he expresses to abrupt sex is had when motion injures majority happening, cannot foretell at all, do not have trip of prearrange Liu Xiang at all. Sun Haiping returns regretful say: "At that time, I think he runs one gun game is no problem, cheap wholesale jordan because preliminary contest looks from adversary and intensity, the question is not big, but did not think of really I did not think of to meet such. " as to whether the national games that enters next year and even the Olympic Games is made an appointment with in 2016, sun Haiping says: "Say this is returned now too early, the key still should treat the condition that he restores. The key still should treat the condition that he restores..
After Liu Xiang returns Shanghai, head for Shen village directly Education Foundation, accept rehabilitation treatment.

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